The Mercersburg Mystic

While we use the terms knowledge and wisdom almost interchangeably, in the eyes of God they are two very different things. Hence in God’s eyes it is possible to be a very stupid genius or a very wise mentally challenged individual. That is because knowledge is simply what one knows as compared to wisdom which is how one applies what one knows to help them live well. Therefore as a Christian I believe that God wants us to live well. To live a life filled with value and passion for things that are worth being passionate about. When it comes to living well I believe that both Christian Mysticism and Mercersburg Theology have a lot to teach us. While I do not believe that they are the only sources that can guide us in living well in my experience they have been more unique. A Christian mystic is in the best sense a person who highly values and pursues an intimate relationship with God. The Mercersburg Theology movement grew up out of the German Reformed Church in Pennsylvania during the mid-nineteenth century which was unfortunately too far ahead of its time to make an impact upon the wider American Church. Yet ultimately what matters most is not where the ideas come from or which ideas that one uses but that one makes use of what they have in how one lives their life.